alloy alloy - vleeshal zusterstraat - artforum


Text: Huib Haye Van Der Werf  



          Adriano Amaral’s first solo show in the Netherlands (and, due to austerity measures, the last show this space will host) is an all-encompassing installation. It features a minimal yet theatrical setting in which organic-looking objects have merged with industrial materials and processes. As the exhibition’s title, “Alloy Alloy,” suggests, here is a compound of substances finding their stability through a uniquely devised blend. The artist creates partially recognizable appendages and fashions disembodied internal organs from silicone, artificial resins, glass, plastics, and ultrasound gels, all converging with found objects such as a pair of the artist’s shoes and a horse’s jaw (all works untitled and 2016). Meanwhile, electrical cables, operating sheers, and thin concrete moldings are marshaled into new forms, all of which perform an apparently tense yet unstated task. They become demonstrative and abstract in their own right, together implying a unique kind of corporeality.

          What fascinates about these objects and their mysterious purpose is the manner in which they are installed on and around their curious platform. The assembly of used black-glass solar panels, meticulously laid out side by side, results in an imposing structure. Its apparent fragility holds the viewer in a state of precariousness, but its sci-fi quality also vividly reflects the surrounding works. This piece becomes the anchor for these otherworldly belongings, as well as the surface from which they seem to have come into our world.